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The Problem

Presenting the most concise yet comprehensive RFP I can recall, our client TigerStop seemed to know they needed help and were very clear with their general objectives for the next version of their website. Browsing their then-current website quickly confirmed this. The homepage didn’t make it clear who they were or what they did. To add to that, their products were presented without any clear hierarchy or context. Right out of the gate these superficial issues made it difficult for the user to engage and want to learn more.

Their app-like support section, ironically named TigerTamer, was a user experience nightmare with pop-up windows inside pop-up windows and tons of unnecessary HTML (9,000 pages)! In general, navigating the site didn’t educate or inspire confidence.

They were also seeking to incorporate their CRM and pricing data into a password-protected area of the site for their dealers, and generally tie the website in with some of their back office software.

The Solution

We took the great start the client gave us and, coupled with survey and stakeholder interview data, began do dig into how to not only build their new website as an effective tool, but to evolve the brand along with it.

We addressed their issues, providing clearer messaging, multiple ways of determining what product was right for the visitor, and a streamlined support section. There were a number of special features on the website to accommodate an improved user experience where UX/UI design was critical, including a product selector, product configurator and an ROI calculator. We also created a robust password-protected dealer login area that tied into their office systems to pull dealer, customer, and invoice data in real-time.

My Roles

Proposal, Scope/Estimate, Discover, UX/UI Design, Asset Collection, Project Management, Development Management