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Interactive Exhibit Main Monitor

100 Faces of Interaction

The Problem

DHX was asked to create an exhibit for SAIF to celebrate their 100th anniversary. The 100 Faces of Change campaign was created in honor of this milestone. The exhibit was up for a few months at the Oregon Historical Society in 2014. Our digital teams was faced with a non-specific challenge come up with something interactive and engaging for the visitors.

  • Touch Screen Keyboard
  • Scrolling Names
The Solution

The digital team was tasked with the creation of an interactive exhibit that incorporated a touch screen LCD. We ended up using a MacMini strapped to the back running a local server to run a WordPress installation that afforded us CMS and database capabilities. This was used store the names of those who chose to make a pledge to safety using the keyboard interface shown below. The names were then displayed back after they were entered and passed through the profanity filter. Kiosk-type security features were also implemented as the display was open to an unattended public.


We also came up with the idea to use looping videos on smaller, non-interactive LCD screens to show additional video content. There were a couple of displays playing topical content interspersed with SAIF branding.

  • SAIF Attract Loop
    Part of the attract loop that played after 90 seconds of inactivity.
  • Video Loop
    One of the video loops featured on the smaller secondary LCD monitors.
My Roles
  • Proposal
  • Scope/Budget
  • Research
  • Asset Acquisition
  • UX/UI Design
  • Project Management
  • Installation