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First, the Important Stuff

The Problem

When given the opportunity to redesign the website for the Portland Japanese Garden, we were faced with several challenges. While evolving the design and brand while respecting the heritage and rich tradition of the Garden were paramount, their former site also had some major problems with fundamental usability.

With research showing more than 40% of their visitors were on mobile devices, a mobile-friendly version of the site was top of the list. The patchwork that was their information architecture needed an major overhaul. The work we did there had to facilitate presenting the substantial content with a nice user flow across all screens, all while singing in harmony with the design.

The Solution

The web development team at DHX created a fully responsive site. Contextual content was used based on the the particular needs of the mobile user. Small touches such as a background that changes with the seasons combine with a robust, fully-customized CMS that allows the client to control content over much of the site all make for a great user and client experience.

My Roles
  • Proposal
  • Scope/Budget
  • UX/UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • Content Migration
  • Development Management
  • Analytics
  • QA/Testing


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