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Responsive Design- Oregon Forest Laws Website

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The Problem

Our client Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) had couple of new projects coming out focusing specifically on Oregon Forest laws. They had picked up the oregonforestlaws.org domain name, and the site now acts as a landing for billboards that dealt specifically with replanting in the coast range. They wanted the traditional advertising to extend to an online experience for those on the road.

The Solution

Because it was utilizing out-of-home advertising, we agreed that a responsive website, including a concise, but media-rich presentation would make for a great experience. OFRI provided us with great content, including images, video and a clear content outline that made our jobs much easier. You can see that each section of the website includes an image, a quote, and video that are all tied to the page subject, and the ability to easily share the content on social media.

My Roles
  • Scope/Estimate
  • Project Management
  • QA/Testing
  • Analytics


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