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The Mother of Invention

The Problem

Ken Garff, founder and president of 24 Productions, found he did, indeed, have a problem. As an elite-level videographer, he had spent much his time shooting and editing pristine HD content for his clients. As long as he used traditional broadcast channels to distribute his work, maintaining the quality was a non-issue. However, increasingly, his work was bound for online distribution, including corporate and retailer websites. In most cases, this meant that his work suffered because these websites weren’t well-equipped for video playback, let alone HD quality.

The Solution

We spent time brainstorming ways we could resolve this issue, focusing on factors over which we had control. There were platforms such as Akamai that supported consistent playback with buffering and variable quality playback, so we looked into how we could harness these content distribution networks and we found our answer.

While initially the focus was on fixing the specific video playback issue, the platform we ended up developing provided ways to effectively manage and present many types of content. Further, we allowed the content to be managed using a complex CMS that give us finite control over the available content.

In the end, we had created a product demonstration tool that gave us the ability to provide our clients with a versatile, rich media platform that could get their product, branding, and content syndicated and deployed to any website that would scale to any amount of traffic.


Product Tours are capable of containing multiple full-screen HD videos, 360 product views, feature highlights with interactive hotspots, as well as images, product specifications and documentation. All the content is managed by a complex CMS that allows each Product Tour to be “skinned” with custom retailer and manufacturer branding and is mobile-compatible. The CMS also affords control over the content and distribution from our own servers that can be updated remotely at any time. The CMS is also equipped with in-depth Google Analytics tracking and reporting, among many other advanced features.

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